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Turnkey Oil and Gas Telecommunication Solution

Indo Teknik Sistem (Intesis) provides state of the art turnkey telecommunications solutions for a wide range of applications in the energy market sector using the latest proven technology available in the world today.

These solutions include telecommunications backbone networks and dedicated systems for data, video, communications and security. Telecommunications Backbone Networks may utilize a range of different technologies depending on the applications such as; Fiber Optic Backbone Networks, VSAT Transmission Networks, Microwave Transmission Networks and IP (Internet Protocol) based networks to form the telecommunications Open Transport Network.

Intesis also provides a wide range of custom engineered dedicated system solutions for Data such as LAN , WAN and MAN networks; communications networks such as radio communications systems and telephone networks and safety/security systems such as PAGA (Public Address & General Alarm), CCTV surveillance , Access Control and Intrusion Detection. These can be fully integrated with the telecommunications back bone network for a truly integrated network solution.

Telecommunication Scope

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Based Networks
  • VSAT Based Satellite Systems
  • Fiber Optic Based Backbone Networks
  • Microwave Based Transmission Networks Solutions
  • Point to Multipoint Systems or Wimax
  • Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA)
  • Public Address & General Alarms Systems (PAGA)
  • Close Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)
  • Access Control and Management Systems
  • Perimeter Fence Intrusion Detection Systems